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AI Property Diagnostics

1st automatic method to collect, structure, and analyze building damages


Our Mission

At Wenn Property AS, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the property industry. Our mission is to transform building data into resilient buildings and sustainable communities.


With our cutting-edge AI technology we automate detection of building damages. Our first product optimize the property damage process. Processing high quality data with our unique building damage taxonomy in combination with cutting-edge photogrammetry will also offer preventive, predictive and reactive property measures. 

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Solid research

Together since 2018, WENN and Sintef community have been researching how to solve AI diagnostics of building damages and -maintenance.​​Wenn Property is a spinn-off from WENN, set up to realize this potential in the real estate eco system utilizing advanced technology for preventive, predictive and reactive property measures

Growing number of strategic partnerships

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So... What is it all about?

See our presentation at Lyse´s real estate seminar October 2023 - and get the facts on our first property product powered by AI: "Wenn Copilot - damage report"

Our position.
Sole provider, vast experience, global potential, perfect timing and strong partnerships.

Board of Directors

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Rolf A. Seloter, Synnøve Engeskaug, Roar Engeland (Chair) og Daniel H. Sandvold

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